We’re all friends here, so I don’t mind telling you that I have the world’s grubbiest little feet. They’re like magnets for grime — it’s mostly my fault, because I have a strong devotion to sandals and flip-flops, which is a treacherous footwear choice for a gal who lives in New York City.

I mention that because today we’re going to have a very frank discussion about the fact that your feet stink, and I want you to feel like you’ve got something equally as embarrassing on me to make our chat less agonizing for you. Sound good? Sure thing.

Now let’s talk about your feet: They reek, girl. But I’m here to help.

Let’s Start with Your Footcare Routine: 

If persistent foot odor is a thing that’s happening in your life, it’s time to get back to a few basics in terms of how you’re getting your feet clean. Foot odor occurs because of sweat, yes, but also because of dead skin build-up, which means that one of the best (and obvious) ways address stinky feet is to give them a good scrubbing. Use a washcloth and a good deodorizing soap during your shower or bath — the washcloth will help to quickly and easily slough off dead skin.It’s also important to dry your feet, post-shower, making sure to get in between your toes. The toweling off will also help to wick away dead skin.

Now that you have a pair of super clean feet, let’s talk about a few ways to keep them that way.

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