Maybe You Need a Foot Deodorant?

If you have excessively sweaty feet — and hey, it happens! — you should know that foot deodorant/antiperspirant is a thing that exists in our world. They work just the same way that the stuff you use under your arms does, by stopping the sweat.

A search on Amazon for ‘foot antiperspirant’ will turn up a fairly robust selection of products, which I mention so that I can say this to you: You may find that one brand of foot antiperspirant works better with your body’s chemistry than another, so don’t be afraid to try different products out in your quest to de-funk your feet.

They also come in different forms, which is nice because it allows you to choose, say, a roll-on product, like Neat Feat 3B Foot Saver, or a wipe-style product, like these Kleinert’s Dry Feet Clinical Antiperspirant Wipes. (Try saying that three times fast!)

Foot Powders Are Good Too!

If your foot sweat doesn’t rise to the level of requiring a full-on foot deodorant, a foot powder like Tinactin or Gold Bond may be the ticket to help keep your feet dry during the warmer months. These products also come in a spray version, which can help to cut down on the mess associated with applying a daily foot powder to your dogs.

Do Your Shoes Need An Odor Eliminating Spray?

We got your stinky feet fixed, or at least smelling better, but there’s probably a lingering smell in your shoes — even open-toed styles and sandals can retain a stench. The good news is that odor eliminating shoe sprays, like the ones that KIWI and Scholl’s make, work extremely well. I know this, because I’ve been doing this job for a long time now and people send me verrrrrry detailed emails about their personal odors.

And Do You Know About Sneaker Balls?

Don’t let the name fool you: You can use sneaker balls on any type of shoe that will hold them i.e. (they won’t work so well on your flip-flops, sorry!) They’re essentially an air freshener for your shoes, and are perfect for tucking inside your favorite pair of summertime ballet flats or canvas sneakers after wearing, to keep them from smelling like you wore them all day without socks, even if that’s exactly what you did.

See now? That wasn’t too bad. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go scrub some of this New York City grime off my own feet!

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