Taking a self-portrait might seem like an easy thing, but the truth is, getting the lighting, composition, and mood can be a challenge. The fashion icon Kim Kardashian is famous for her bomb selfies. She even gives pointers on how to take the perfect selfie. Here are some tips on how to take a perfect selfie like Kim Kardashian.

#1 Lightning

The first thing is getting the correct lighting. Because no matter how good your makeup is, the best makeup product will still be the right lighting for a good photo. Kim K once explained, “If you don’t have a mirror in front of you to really figure out your pose and your angle, make sure that the lighting is amazing because you want to blow out everything that you don’t want to see and highlight the good things that you do.”

#2 Angles

Play with all sorts of angles that come to mind. Find which angles work best for you. If there’s one lesson you should take from Mrs. West, it’s to keep your chin down and the camera up above your head when taking selfies. Hold the phone above your head till the bottom of it is level with your eyes. Or better yet, use a selfie stick. You also shouldn’t stare directly into the camera. Look at your face on the screen instead.

#3 Don’t Over Edit Your Pictures

Editing and filtering photos are fun, but some images are perfect the way they are, and some need only a little bit of tweaking. Don’t mess the picture up by excessively over-editing. Only touch up the areas that need to get an edit and crop those parts that detract from the focus. “A lot has to do with how your crop it,” Kim Kardashian told Jimmy Kimmel. “If you don’t like something on your body, you just crop it.” For editing, why not use the app which Kim uses? Perfect 365 is free!

#4 Posing

Getting the correct pose can make or break a selfie. “You can also breathe in just as you hit the shutter for slightly parted lips and cold and calm expression.” She also suggests keeping your eyes shut until the moment before you take the shot.

Next time you take out your phone to take a selfie, remember Kim and let her force guide you.