So, you just entered a new relationship, and everything is all sunshine and butterflies. You’re absolutely obsessed with this new person in your life and can’t imagine how you ever lived without them. Everything’s going right now, but how do you know if the relationship will last? How do you know if it’s worth it to invest all this time and effort if you don’t know if this person is going to stay? There are a few signs you should be on the lookout for to know if your relationship will last after all:

You feel like yourself around them

Acting like someone else around your partner is a huge red flag. You should feel entirely comfortable around your partner and feel like you can be your best self. They should support you through every obstacle, and you should do the same with them.

You still have a “crush” on them

So the initial crush when you meet your future partner might not be the same, but that feeling of a crush should last throughout the entire relationship. A relationship without the spark is a relationship that probably won’t last. Even after you pass the honeymoon phase, you should still have that crush feeling once and a while.

You can balance your love life and personal life

Even though you might want to spend every moment with your significant other, that’s not necessarily the key to a healthy relationship. A good balance between your love life and your personal life is ideal and a great way to tell if your relationship is going to last. You should have time that you spend with your partner, and you should have time that you spend with your friends. You shouldn’t lose your friends just because you enter a relationship.

You encourage each other to grow

A healthy relationship is one where you feel like you are growing separately, in addition to as a couple. You and your partner should evolve as a couple, but it’s important to evolve as an individual too. You shouldn’t lose yourself in your relationship. And a partner that encourages that growth is a partner that you’ll want to stick around.

You remain curious

Even if your relationship enters a slow period, and you feel like you’re beginning to get into a routine, it’s essential to stay curious in your relationship. Even if you already know their day has been good, ask them that when they come home. If your partner remains curious about you is a good sign, they won’t get stuck in a rut.

You keep laughing

A relationship should be a good balance of seriousness and laughter. You and your partner should know when to keep things lighthearted and when to be more serious, but a partner that keeps you laughing is a telltale sign your relationship is going in a positive direction.