What’s more surprising than Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper and Lindsey Lohan all celebrating welcoming the new decade together? The 33-year-old actress’s return to the big screen and popularity.

In a satellite interview on New Year’s Eve, Lohan shared her resolution for the new decade. “I’m managing my sister,” she said, “so I want to really focus on me and everything that I can do in my life and come back to America and start filming again, which I’m doing something soon in this new year. And, you know, just taking back the life I’ve worked so hard for and sharing it with my family and you guys.”

Return to America? Yup, in case you didn’t know, she’s currently in Muscat, Oman of all places!

Lindsey hasn’t had a role in a feature film since 2013. Her last film, Among The Shadows, which went straight to DVD, didn’t give the actress much in the way of a storyline or plot, making it another big flop in her career. However, she’s not about to let that get her down.

Andy Cohen couldn’t let the fact that Lindsey released a track on her Instagram slide. He asked whether she’ll be releasing a new track in the new year, to which she said, “Andy, you’re getting it after the New Year.”

The actress has been reminiscing a lot on her career lately, choosing to look at the positive and at the things she can achieve in the years to come. In a recent Instagram post, she highlighted a 2006 W Magazine cover she did with Meryl Streep after their movie A Prairie Home Companion


She told the magazine, “I want people to know me for the work that I’m doing, not for this party girl image, which is just vile and disgusting and not fair, because I work so hard,” the Mean Girls star said. “Maybe someone will look at my life one day and say, ‘Why don’t I do a cover with Lindsay Lohan?’”