Moving through life can be a very tough thing to do. Some days you win, some days you just don’t. Some days you feel like you have everything you could ever wish for, while others it feels as if your efforts are not yielding as many results as you would like.

Maintaining a state of conscious positivity is crucial to your physical and mental well-being. How then do you go about staying on track mentally in what is otherwise a hard knock life? Affirmations! Here are 15 positive affirmations you can use to get your day started on a positive note always.

  1. I am strong in my value and capable in my abilities- nothing makes you more confident in your abilities than you professing it to yourself. It would gradually become your reality as you will find yourself cruising through the day with confidence.
  2. I can do this. I can always do this.
  3. Every day I wake up breathing is an excellent day- saying your day is incredible makes it awesome.
  4. I am love.
  5. Mistakes of yesterday will not affect today- as humans, we are not perfect. Neither are we infallible. It is the ability to be able to learn from past mistakes and make the best of such situations that make us the best version of ourselves.
  6. I am allowed to feel good about myself- no situation should be allowed to put you down, and the more you tell yourself that, the more you feel good about yourself.
  7. I choose always to be and stay happy.
  8. I will be successful- success is determined by a lot of factors, the most important being you. Besides arming yourself with the drive to succeed, continually telling yourself you will be is as crucial.
  9. I have the tools I need to succeed.
  10. I am a goal-getter and achiever.

The more you affirm, the more likely your affirmations are to be your reality. Research shows that quite a considerable number of persons affect their lives with their negative thoughts. Choose to be and stay different using these affirmations every day!