Last week, the world could have stopped and we wouldn’t have noticed, because Kim Kardashian West, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, and Khloe Kardashian launched their own websites and apps. Each website is filled with sister-specific beauty, health, or fitness tips. But here’s the catch: they also cost $2.99/month for a subscription. Unless you’re the world’s biggest KUWTK fan, we can’t imagine shelling out almost $12 monthly for even more access to these ladies. So who’s your favorite Kardashian-Jenner? And why exactly would you even want to pay for content when there’s already so much about these ladies on the web? Here’s our breakdown:

Kim Kardashian West,
The first Kardashian to enter the spotlight has arguably dropped in fame since her marriage to Kanye and impending motherhood.

kim kardashian west

Do you like:

A) Fashion

B) Babies

C) Kharity

Kim does kharity

Spend the cost of a tall cup of Starbucks dark roast on Kim!

Kylie Jenner,

Kylie’s app got by far the most downloads, 1.75 million compared to 498,000 for Khloe and 477,000 for Kim. Kylie fans, ya’ll rich or what? Most of the content is locked and only available to premium subscribers, but heavily branded tips like “the best home stereo to buy” are available to all.

Do you like:

A) Home decorating tips

B) Plastic surgery opinions

C) “Hang seshes” with Kylie and friends

D) Collections of Kylie’s Instagrams available all on one convenient page?

D) Style tips?

Choose Kylie! The good news is, most of you already have.

Khloé Kardashian,

Coming in at a highly respectable second place, Khloé K aka “the kooky one” has gathered tips on everything but beauty. Choose Khloé if you prefer advice on:

A) Being an aunt

B) Fitness

C) Going braless

Note: This is our personal favorite! Will it be worth $2.99/month? You be the judge!

Kendall Jenner,

Kendall aka “the model one” has the most randomly curated website of the sisters. The above article – her personal feelings on traveling – is available only to premium subscribers. Should you become one? Only if you enjoy:

A) Finding out what’s in Kendall’s bag

B) Learning more about Kendall’s feelings

C) Seeing Kendall’s photoshoots

Casual reminder: Magazine covers are available for free on magazine websites.

Who are you choosing?

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