As we wave good-bye to the long, hot days of summer, the crisp feel of autumn in the air beckons us to break out our favorite knee-high boots and toasty wool coats. Many of us look forward to colors, textures and feel of fall fashion (Need inspiration? Here’s some awesome fashion picks based on Pantone’s fall color scheme), but it’s the things we do in our favorite apparel that really makes this the best season (basically a fact) of the year!

Whether it’s the winding paths of corn mazes, the fiery tie-dyed leaves cascading over the mountain tops, or the comforting crackle of a gleaming bonfire on a cool night, we all have something that instantly comes to mind when we think “fall.” Here are some of the fall activities we’re super stoked about!

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1TV Premieres

Pop culture nerds know this isn’t quite as true anymore, but all the best TV used to premiere in fall. I can still picture myself sitting inches away from the TV in my parents’ living room waiting for Gossip Girl’s Season 2 premiere. Even with today’s rise of Netflix and Hulu, the big networks still save a few gems for Back to School season, and this year is looking up. Oh, and apple picking is cool, too.

Leah Prinzivalli, Associate Editor


My favorite thing about the fall is that it’s finally perfect running weather! I feel way more motivated to go out for a run and stay out for longer when it’s breezy and there’s no more suffocating humidity. Plus, I get to break out all my cute leggings and running jackets that were stashed away all summer. Bonus: The scenery. Can’t beat those colorful leaves during fall in the Northeast.

Amy Marturana, Managing Editor

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3Apple Picking

I grew up in Massachusetts, where we know how to hunt two things well: turkey and apples. Since moving to New York, I’ve been hard-pressed to find an orchard within driving distance that isn’t overcrowded by families from New Jersey. The search will continue. It’s in my blood.

Sam Zelitch, Social Media Editor

4Cider Mills

Growing up in the Midwest, I loved to visit the local cider mill for fresh cider and donuts. You’d see everyone in town there on weekends, and we’d pile all our cider onto open wagons where we’d sit and eat. The best part was exploring the wide open grounds afterward and marveling at all the changing leaves. I miss it now that I live in the city!

Claire Hannum, Associate Editor


My favorite thing about the fall is Halloween. I find it so fun to dress up in ghoulish costumes (I’m talking full face of zombie makeup) and heading to spooky-themed parties with friends. There’s nothing like carving pumpkins and binge eating your favorite candy guilt-free!

Julie Ricevuto, Associate Editor

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6Dia de los Muertos

Fall is my favorite season! My favorite thing besides the gushing colors of fall foliage is drinking apple cider from the farmers market. It is the best thing to do on a chilly day.

Also, Day of the Dead celebrations. I am very attached to my Mexican culture so it is precious to me to explore all the things that come with it: sugar skulls, breads, and hot chocolate. Mexicans set up an altar for a dead loved one and fill it with things the dead person loved in real life. It is a celebration of the dead that goes and the new that comes. It serves as a reminder of the things left to do in this life.

Itzy Ramirez, Digital Designer


Hanging out with friends around a bonfire is one of my favorite things about the fall. There’s just something magical and soothing about the popping sound of the hot charcoal, the aroma of burning wood and the heat that pulses from the heart of it. And s’mores! Oh, my god. Nothing beats a freshly burnt (Yep! Love catching those suckers on fire…wait, that sounds way more sadistic than I meant…) marshmallow, squished between two graham crackers, oozing sticky sweet goo all over a Hershey’s chocolate bar.

Rebekka Spiller, Editorial Assistant

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