Bruce Springsteen may not have realized it then, but the dreamy mindset of “Born to Run” is actually a scientific fact. That’s right! Science may have just ruined every non-runner’s excuse to skip out. According to a recent study, the human body may be more naturally inclined to running than resistance training.

Three sets of participants were observed: endurance runners, resistance trainers (who never did cardio training) and non-athletes who lived sedentary lives. The participants had electrodes hooked up to their quadricep and were asked to contract their thigh muscle to gauge how quickly they performed in real time. The researchers observed that runners’ muscles had faster response rates than individuals who solely lift and those who live a sedentary lifestyle. This suggests that runners also have higher muscle endurance. This study shows no matter what your fitness style is, adding cardio could be a serious game changer (Aka, legit beast mode)!

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