Lizzo has made us all feel like 100% that b*tch with her entire album, Cuz I Love You. Truth Hurts is every woman’s hype up song and reminds us who we really are. Tempo, another hit song on Lizzo’s album, was released a few months ago featuring Lizzo’s “hero” Missy Elliot.

However, Lizzo just came through with a music video for the song! The hook of the song goes: “I’m a thick b*tch, I need tempo”… and the music video is just as unapologetic and body-positive as the song is.

Lizzo is looking fabulous in sequin underwear adorned with a cowboy hat and faux-fur cape. The scene of the video takes place in the parking lot of a diner, featuring a classic car, Lizzo, a bunch of her friends, and, oh, yup, Missy Elliott is in Lizzo’s music video, too.

Twerking and dancing is the highlight of this music video. So if you’re looking for a song that’s going to get you excited for a night out, turn on Tempo and get yourself moving.

Check it out: