The legendary rapper, Missy Elliott, not only dropped a new album this month but also gave us a performance of a lifetime with her VMA medley. The performance included her most famous songs like “Get Ur Freak On” and “Work It,” bringing out the iconic elements from each music video. Yes, that means there were a lot of garbage bag outfits on stage!

She also brought out Alyson Stone, the now grown-up child dancer, from the original “Work It” video who still has the moves!

If anyone deserved that Video Vanguard Award, it’s clearly Missy Elliott. She is the first female rapper to receive the honor. Her career produced such avant-garde hip hop videos as “Sock It To Me,” “She’s A B**ch,” and of course the video that started it all, “The Rain.”

Not surprisingly, her debut video “The Rain” was nominated as Best Rap Video in 1997! Since then, she collected numerous recognitions and awards, with many young artists looking up to her vision.