Amazon Prime never fails to disappoint when it comes to its original TV series. And we’ve got our expectations set high for its newest installment, Modern Love. The show features a ton of notable actors and actresses, including Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, Andy Garcia, and Dev Patel. Talk about a show we’re interested in watching, just by the cast list!

The series will follow the lives of several different characters as they venture their way through modern romance. The series was inspired by The New York Times column that tells real stories about love in today’s society. So, all the stories featured in the series are entirely true, making them all the more compelling.

The trailer for Modern Love was just released, and we’re left with goosebumps. In the short clip, we see Tina Fey in what seems to be in marriage counseling with her husband. We see Anne Hathaway (who’s rocking red hair in this) looking flabbergasted after being asked to breakfast with a man she supposedly just met. We see the butterflies, the romance, the heartbreak, and the sadness- everything that makes love what it is.

This series is bound to make us both cry and laugh, most likely at the same time. Tune in on October 18 to join along on the excitement.