With the advent of nail-art as an art form itself, having healthy nails is of utmost importance. We gathered up some quick tips to ensure your nails are fit for all of the season’s hottest colors.

1. Natural remedies for stronger nails:

-castor oil
-coconut oil
-hemp oil
-grapeseed oil
Massage these oils over your clean nails. If you paint your nails often don’t skip this step! Rub a little bit of oil on your nails and cuticles after removing your nail polish. It keeps your nails shiny and healthy!

2. Stay away from acetone polish remover:

Acetone dries out your cuticles so avoid it at all costs. Use acetone-free nail polish remover and follow up with a moisturizer or oil for better results.

3. File your nails:

Make sure you file your nails in one direction and into a rounded shape to keep them from snagging.

4. Take biotin or multivitamins:

Most of the time, your nails get super brittle and break easily because of a poor diet low in vitamin C or biotin. Make sure to check with your doctor if it’s okay for you to take vitamins or supplements.

5. Limit nail contact with cleaning materials:

It’s best to avoid frequent washing with chemical-based liquids and detergents since they contain chemicals that destroy your nails. Put on rubber gloves when cleaning or doing house chores!

6. Don’t use your nails as tools:

Don’t scrape tape or labels and avoid using your nails as a can opener. Next time you open a letter, use scissors.

7. Take a break from regular polish, acrylic tips, and gel manicures:

You may be tempted to cover up your peeled or damaged nails with a fresh coat of polish, or maybe you’re like me, and you enjoy doing your nails or getting them done at the salon. But make sure to take two weeks off from applying any polish to your nails. Your nails need time to hydrate and heal; that way, your nails will grow healthy and strong.

8. Resist biting or picking at your nails:

Don’t peel or chip at old nail polish, even if you notice it has started flaking off. Resist the urge to pull on it because usually, it peels off a layer of your nail as well. Instead, use acetone-free nail polish remover to rub away the old polish gently.