Everyone knows that fiber is an important part of your diet. Fiber helps you feel full and speeds up your metabolism. And let’s not forget that fiber is what helps us routinely go to the bathroom. But, how do you know if you’re getting enough fiber in your diet?

Foods like protein and carbs are easier to tell apart. Protein is either animal-based like meat and dairy, or plant-based like beans and tofu. Carbs are anything from pasta to rice. You know when your plate has carbs and protein, but it’s harder to tell when it has fiber. You’re supposed to eat between 21 to 38 grams of fiber in one day and here is how you can guarantee you’ll meet the mark:

Follow the 3-to-1 rule. The 3-to-1 rule is basically a way to ensure you’re consuming enough fiber in every meal. Lots of foods contain more fiber than we think, so following this rule is ensuring your plate is 3 parts fiber, 1 part protein. Green, non-starchy vegetables should take up 3/4 of your plate while protein takes up the rest.

Some examples of foods high in fiber include:

So, using that, here are some suggestions on healthy, fiber-packed meals to get you through the day:


Whole grain toast with almond butter and blackberries
Whole grain toast with a hard-boiled egg
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Salmon with Brussels sprouts and a side salad
Lentil tomato salad
Chickpea and chicken salad
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Kale and chickpea grain bowl
Black bean and mushroom burger
Turkey burger on a whole grain bun with a broccoli side
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