Pregnancy, as they tell us, is a beautiful time. Forget the swollen feet and constant puking for a second and focus on the glowing skin, the shiny hair and strong nails. It’s the vision of a body achieving its destiny.

Those nine glorious months also offer an opportunity for your own mini-Kardashian moment. We ask you: Will you take a naked, pregnant selfie? Maybe you’re shaking your head no, but hear me out. I bet you’re already going to take a classic bump shot. As Naya Rivera put it, “[In my second trimester], I was ready to hit the town in a cute outfit, grab cocktails with my girls, have wild sex with my husband … Oh, but wait, I’m still pregnant.” So you know there are going to be days when you’re feeling yourself. As Kim would say… why not?

Which pregnant selfie feels like the most… you?

1The Straight-Up

Kim gets to “SMH!” at all the haters with this photo that got 1,800,000 likes. How many do you think yours would get? You don’t have to post it on Instagram, you could just frame it for your bathroom. That being said, you could always post it on Instagram.

2The ‘Oh Look at This Little Accessory’

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Kim’s had her fair share of staged photoshoots – including while pregnant – but it was sis Kourtney who donned a fringe vest to symbolize how far women have come since the cave days(?) in her own pregnancy photoshoot for DuJour. Here are two options from Asos and Forever 21 for a quick and easy at-home recreation.

3Maybe Sears Does These

Thanks to a slight resemblence to Kim Kardashian, Naya is cursed with constant comparison. She’s gotten some heat this week for posting her own pregnancy photoshoot on the same day as Kim. The most boring but also the most honest of the photos, this shot is no selfie. Don’t try this at home.

4The Happy Medium

jennifer love hewitt pregnancy

One final option is a mix between Kim and Naya: Jennifer Love Hewitt’s recent campaign for go-to stretch mark cream Palmer’s. You can definitely put this in a frame for the in-laws to admire. But who cares about the in-laws! This is about capturing your body doing one of the most intense things it’ll ever do. So… would you?

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