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Powerful Photo of Breastfeeding Military Moms Goes Viral

A powerful photo depicting active duty military mothers breastfeeding their babies in uniform has taken the internet by storm, garnering support from all corners of the web...

Will You Pose Naked and Pregnant?

Pregnancy, as they tell us, is a beautiful time. Forget the swollen feet and constant puking for a second and focus on the glowing skin, the shiny hair and...

Rachel Nicks’ Post-Baby Yoga Workout Will Get Your Flow Back

The nine months of pregnancy are some of the most beautiful and terrifying times of a woman's life. During each trimester, you felt your body...

6 Reasons To Wait To Get Pregnant Until You’re Ready

Although it’s a fact that after the age of 30, your chances of getting pregnant start to decrease, then drop even more rapidly after...

When Do My Breasts Stop Growing?

Like most topics concerning our bodies, breast development isn’t black and white. Everything from when your breasts start to grow, to what size they...
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This Mom’s “Perfect Body” Selfie Inspired Over 125,000 People

Musician and mother of four Kimberly Henderson has always gotten compliments on her "perfect" body. But she wants others to finally know exactly what...

Model Shamed for Tiny Baby Bump Gives Birth to Healthy Baby

After all the Internet criticism, Sarah Stage gave birth to a completely healthy baby.

Q&A: Bethenny Frankel Says Having Kids is Attractive to Men

The "RHONY" star shares her tips for how not to suck at dating.

What Is Blake Lively’s Number One Priority?

Blake talks to "Allure" about her new baby James, breastfeeding, and 'having it all.'

65-Year-Old Mother of 13 is Pregnant With Quadruplets

"Children keep me young," she says.