Our Instagram feeds are always made brighter with a new post from Rihanna. Though the celebrity turned CEO doesn’t use Instagram too often — she’s obviously busy starting a nearly endless line of new businesses from makeup to fashion — when Rihanna gets on Instagram, our scrolling always comes to a halt. Feeling a little drab and uninspired lately? We’ve got just what the doctor ordered — a steady dose of Rihanna.

Christmas came early for Rihanna fans with the release of Rihanna’s massive photo book. What’s better than a phonebook of Rihanna? Well, a photo of Rihanna with a photo book of Rihanna, duh.

The unveiling of Rihanna’s role opposite Donald Glover in Guava Island was a treat as sweet as guava to fans. Who doesn’t love Rihanna on film? This role for a story set on a fictional Caribbean island fits her naturally.

One of the best qualities about Rihanna that make her such an easy celebrity to love is her obvious sense of humor. Rihanna is never one to keep quiet and takes every opportunity to laugh at herself, including with this hilarious fan-made meme she reposted.

Finding yourself missing the motivation to get to the gym today? Don’t worry; there’s a Rihanna Instagram post for that. Any day where Rihanna drops a photo from her Savage x Fenty line, we’re leaving that extra serving of dessert off our plates.

A day has not come where we aren’t inspired to give that extra bold cat eye another try. With this Instagram post, we’re ready to experiment with our makeup, whether we’re stuck at home on a lazy Sunday or walking into the office on a regular Tuesday. After all, we live by the guiding principle WWRD — what would Rihanna do?

What we love about Rihanna is how fashion-forward and experimental she is; seriously, what look hasn’t Rihanna rocked? Whether it’s classic and formal or avant-garde, Rihanna gives fashion inspiration to us from every angle.

Here is just another case of Rihanna proving to us she genuinely can rock any color she swears, straight from fiery red to azure blue. If we’re ever in need of some serious style inspiration, we know which Instagram to check.