Fast fashion is a colossal problem, and with climate change and pollution our planet is facing, we need to rethink our choices and find ways to be more sustainable. Here is how you can make your wardrobe sustainable and help your environment in the long run.

Use the Clothing You Already Own

Sustainability is all about avoiding unnecessary pollution. Therefore, if you have some fast-fashion clothing, you shouldn’t get rid of it. Use the clothing you already own and throw it away only if you have to. Even then, you can repurpose your clothing into something else. Make a scrunchy, a bag, or a rag. That way, you are creating less waste.

Get More Use Out of Your Clothing by Mending It

You can get the most value out of your clothing if you maintain it properly. Make sure you wash your clothing correctly. You can also mend your clothing to get more wear out of it. If you don’t know how to mend your clothes, you can take them to the tailor. Also, if you have bought a piece that just doesn’t fit you right, you can take it to the tailor.

Organize Your Closet

If your clothes aren’t organized, you will forget about some pieces and you won’t wear them. Take all your clothes out of your closet and organize and fold them nicely. That way, you will make sure that you can see everything you own and won’t be tempted to purchase clothes you don’t actually need.

Purchase Your Clothes Intentionally

Avoid impulse buying and make sure you are buying your clothes with intention. Instead of buying numerous fast fashion trendy pieces you will wear once or twice, invest in good quality staples. You don’t need to have a lot of clothing to produce stylish outfits. Before you purchase anything, wait for a week and determine whether you actually need it or you just liked the idea of having it. That way, you can avoid buying too much clothing.

Shop from Sustainable Brands

Many brands are eco-friendly and sustainable. Research the brands that are doing everything they can to protect nature and buy responsibly. You should also research whether the brand produces its clothing ethically.