Serena Williams got very candid when she admitted how she has been experiencing postpartum depression. In the July 2018 issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK, Serena Williams discussed how life after giving birth to Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. last year hasn’t always been easy. In addition to complications at the end of her pregnancy, Serena Williams is now experiencing postpartum depression.

Postpartum depression can happen during the most unexpected times. “I think people need to talk about it more because it’s almost like the fourth trimester, it’s part of the pregnancy.” Serena shared during the interview. “I remember one day, I couldn’t find Olympia’s bottle and I got so upset I started crying . . . because I wanted to be perfect for her.”

Postpartum depression is not easy for anyone, but Serena made it clear that she’s going to try her best to be strong. “I’m going to strive to be the best mom I can be,” she shared.

If Serena is anything, it’s strong, and we’re wishing her the best through these difficult times. And if you’re struggling with postpartum depression, you’re not alone. Common signs include fear you’re not a good mother, hopelessness, difficulty bonding with the baby, excessive crying and mood swings. There are many forums and support centers for mothers and your doctor may be able to recommend a great treatment plan that can get you through this tough time.