Actress, Shannen Doherty has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer. She received her first official diagnosis in February 2015, but was tipped off much earlier by her four legged fury baby.

Surprisingly enough it her beloved pooch, Bowie was the first one to detect it. The former Beverly Hill 90210 star and former “bad girl” or TV shared that her dog would sniff obsessively on the right side of her chest long before she knew anything. “So, it made sense when I got diagnosed.”, Doherty shared with ET’s Jennifer Peros.

The 45-year old actress has undergone three out of eight chemotherapy treatments, but shares that the cancer has now spread to her lymph nodes.

Back in May, Doherty underwent a single mastectomy and shares that her beloved still hung around sniffing in that area. Doherty shares that it’s hard to even get close to her now when her dog is around.

Loyal companion indeed!

As for other support….

The actress shares that her marriage is a thousand times stronger now. Doherty, who has been married for five years to photographer, Kurt Iswarienko, says that he never misses a chemo and never misses a sick day.

Her mother, Rosa is there as well. Doherty says, “She is so strong, and my mom is like a Steel Magnolia. She is a Southern girl and she puts on this very strong face with me. She is constantly looking stuff up and, you know, she will force-feed me Gatorade chips. Her and my husband tag team.”

For now, Doherty is just focusing on getting healthy with an amazing team of support around her.

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