Sophie Turner is the cover of Elle‘s April issue and her interview gives us a look into her life that we’ve all been waiting for. The Queen of the North got her start on the famous show Game of Thrones, but her name has not gone quiet since. In just the past year, Turner has gotten married to Joe Jonas in a wedding everyone was envious of. And even more recently, it was announced that Turner and Jonas are reportedly expecting their first child together.

We see glimpses into Sophie’s life through adorable Instagram pics of her and Joe or funny videos of her “sipping tea”. But besides that, we don’t know much about Sophie Turner and her life post-Game of Thrones. But luckily, her interview with Elle gave us just what we were looking for.

One thing we learned about Joe and Sophie was how they first met- which wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Joe’s agent first saw the potential between the pair in 2016 and then Joe DM’d Sophie when he was in the UK for a visit. But, Sophie actually wasn’t all that of a fan of the Jonas Brothers.

“My friends and I were not Jonas Brothers fans. There was this band in the UK called Busted. They had a hit called ‘Year 3000.’ It was amazing, and we were huge Busted fans.” Sophie revealed in her interview. “Then the Jonas Brothers covered the song and made it massive. And Busted broke up. We thought it was all the Jonas Brothers’ fault. So we hated them.” Talk about a change of heart!

So, Sophie had pretty low expectations going into meeting Joe. “I expected him to show up with security and everything. I thought, ‘He’s gonna be such a dick.’ I brought all my guy friends to come with me to meet him, because in the back of my mind I still worried that he could be a catfish—or I don’t know what. I just wanted my guy friends with me. I had my rugby boys. I was safe.”

But, to her own surprise, the meeting went extremely well. Sophie revealed how her and Joe ended up talking for hours that day and from then, they were inseparable. And cue: the Joe and Sophie love story.

In her interview, Sophie talks more about married life and on being a part of the Jonas family. It’s pretty clear how much the Jonas wives love each other and Sophie’s interview only proved that further.

“I love being married. I think it’s wonderful. I’m sure we’ll have our hiccups, but right now the security and the safety are everything.”

For Joe and Sophie, we can only hope for the world.