The runway never ceases to be an incredible source of fashion inspiration. Every season designer displays the contents of their mind via fashion and create incredible shows that have the power to set the tone for the coming season. Fashion should always be a creative effort that reflects our individuality, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look to the runway to find something that speaks to us and let that inspire our upcoming fashion choices.

The Spring 2020 couture runways have been generous with the wealth of fashion inspiration and subsequent style hacks they’ve provided. We’ve scoured the runways and analyzed what the designers have offered us and come out with three style hacks you’ll want to include in your wardrobe this spring.

  1. Style Hack #1:Batten the hatches and hoist the sails—or something like that—because nautical-themed style is on the horizon. Jean Paul Gaultier featured some whimsically sea-faring styles on the Spring 2020 couture runway that are sure to be a must for our wardrobes in the spring months to come. One way to use this sea-maiden themed style hack is by paying close attention to proportions, color, and patterns. Nautical styles use those characteristic blue stripes and have clean and neat lines in terms of your outfit’s silhouette. Opt for simplicity and bold colors to unlock this style hack.
  2. Style Hack #2:Bigger was better for Givenchy on the Spring 2020 couture runway; the designs often featured either a full skirt or a bunched up mass of fabric around the chest, playing heavily with fashion as architecture. Make this style hack work for you by adding some oomph to your outfit and abandoning a fully sleeked down appearance.
  3. Style Hack #3:Back to basics and black and white was the unifying theme seen on the Spring 2020 Couture Runway for Chanel. You can invoke this style hack for yourself by keeping your color palette black and white. This is a style hack that will let you experiment more with stark colors and patterns without having to struggle to coordinate various colors.

These style hacks from the spring 2020 couture runways are sure to keep you on the cutting edge of fashion while giving you the freedom to adapt these new trends into your style.