Rosie-Huntington Whiteley looks amazing for more reasons than having a pretty face. The girl knows how to style an outfit! We scoured her famous IG OOTD shots to find how she puts her looks together, and these are the main style tips.

A Statement Coat Makes The Look

Whether you’re going for a teddy coat or a blazer, keep the outfit sleek by choosing neutrals with a straightforward silhouette underneath. A black boot with black jeans and a gray turtleneck under a blazer can look highly stylish when everything fits right.

Add Contrast With White Accessories

Rosie makes a case for matching your purse to your shoes, as long as they’re both white. Grab a trench, a white tee, and some black skinny slacks and make your bag and shoes stands out in bright white.

Add Strappy Heels

A dainty pair of strappy heels and a white bodysuit makes any outfit feel high end. Wear anything from a denim skirt to some jeans as bottoms.

Pair Your Shirt With Your Shoes

Rosie likes to match a color accent from two parts of her outfit, whether it’s bright or neutral. She picks a main piece and an accessory to match, so next time, pick a color from your shirt and grab a pair of heels to match it.