It’s never a bad time to add a little Marie Kondo-type magic into your home, and the best way to do that is by cleaning out the dreaded medicine cabinet and beauty drawers. These parts of our home can quickly become cluttered and chaotic; it’s easy to put something into a drawer or cabinet haphazardly because you only have to see them usually twice a day. However, this is also the exact reason why cleaning and organizing these drawers can be so impactful. We use them every day!

Having to dig around in your beauty drawer or medicine cabinet adds unnecessary time wasted to dealing with clutter. We have a guide to get the chaos under control for the last time. Read through our tips for how to clean out your medicine cabinet and beauty drawer once and for all.

Cleaning and organizing can genuinely bring joy. Open up to the experience and see it as a way of showing appreciation for the space you’re lucky enough to have and for yourself by making your surroundings more pleasant.

The first part is the most fun — take everything out of the to-be-organized space until it’s stark and empty. This part is followed by what might be the least favorite for some. Wipe down the surface and clean it thoroughly, so it’s like new. Now you have a fresh base to build up your new organized medicine cabinet and beauty drawer from!

The first step in organization is always minimization — all expired products must go. Well, you can make an exception for your absolute favorites that you’re just using sparingly enough to have let them expired already. We know the struggle. But for those things you haven’t used in over six months that are also expired? No mercy.

The next step to getting your medicine cabinet and beauty drawers Marie Kondo approved is creating a system for organization. This system is yours to decide upon; will you group things based on height or based on their function? Will you color coordinate your cabinet or organize items in terms of how much use they receive? This is a decision you come to based on your needs. Once you decide upon a system, you’ll have everything you need to keep up your organization — just put things back into the system of organization after each use.

Once you’ve placed your products back in their new organized homes, you can stand back and admire your tidy new space. One pro-tip: if you’re particularly organization-challenged, snap a picture, so you have a reference cheat sheet for when things lean towards the chaos once again.