We often feel like the clothes we own are not good enough and we resort to shopping more. However, you can create a perfectly well-balanced and stylish outfit with clothes you already own and here is how you can do it.

Start Off With One Piece

There are mornings when you wake up and you know you want to wear one specific item. In this case, you want to build your look around said piece. This should be your statement piece and you want to make it the star of the outfit.

For example, if you have a jacket you like and want to wear you can use it for the inspiration for the other pieces of your look. An easy trick you can use is to check the colors of your statement piece and try to incorporate them into your look. For example, if the jacket you are planning on wearing as your statement piece has some beige as an accent color, you can wear beige basics underneath the jacket.

Accessories can really tie the look together. Again, find the inspiration for the color in your statement piece and don’t be afraid to play with different materials and textures.

Start With An Accessory

Sometimes accessories can be a great piece to build your outfit around. For example, tights can be a great starting point. A pair of black tights can transform the outfit. After putting the tights on, you want to start adding layers. Decide on whether you want to wear a pair of shorts, a dress or a skirt. Once you are done with your base items, you can go on and add shoes. Over the knee boots look great with black tights and short skirts or dresses. Find what works best with the base items and add more accessories if you feel like the look needs them.

You Have No Idea What To Wear

We all have those mornings when nothing feels right and you can’t pull yourself together, let alone plan your outfit for the day. When this is the case and you have no statement piece or accessory in mind, it’s best to start with the basics. Start off with a basic monochrome top and your go-to pants or jeans. These will give the bones to your outfit. Then you want to add a fun piece to the outfit. This can be a vest, jacket, hat… You just want to add a fun twist to your basics and you are done.