Taylor Swift started teasing us about her new album early this year, and we’re finally getting a taste of what all those pastel hues are about. She posted her new album cover Lover on her Instagram account, and the fans immediately took notice of her choice makeup!

The dreamy makeover seems to signal a new Swift era. It’s all love and butterflies instead of the traditional country signer image. Even her hair is in a rainbow of pastel hues, streaked in pink and blue. She became the modern flower child seemingly overnight.


Front and center on her new album cover? A giant, glittery heart around her right eye. Fans, of course, are all for it. Many are already signaling they’ll be going to her concert rocking a similar look. The heart motif dominates the new Swift era, so we expect a lot of heart-shaped merch on her tour. In the meantime, you can channel Swift by swapping your regular eyeliner for a glitter version a la Taylor.