Summer means drinks on rooftops, outside exercise and overall general sweat sessions in the heat. All those things should have you guzzling water, but sometimes, you’re just not in the mood.

Luckily, fruits and veggies that are water-rich can provide you with plenty of hydration as you replace your usual snacks. Although they offer a good dose of water, make sure to still guzzle up if it’s an especially hot day out there.

1. Watermelon
No surprise here! The eponymous fruit is made up of 92% water. The potassium in the fruit also helps replace electrolytes lost sweating.

2. Cucumber
At 96% water, these crunchy treats are great in a summer salad or dipped in some yogurt or ranch! Cucumber water is also an option!

3. Strawberries
These clock in at 90% water content and a good dose of potassium! Cube them and mix with a little bit of yogurt and a sprinkle of sugar for a delicious strawberry and cream treat.

4. Cantaloupe
Getting sick of watermelon? Try cantaloupe instead. This sweet treat is 90% water and contains a significant amount of vitamins A and C.

5. Pineapple
Pineapple juice is mostly sugar, but the actual fruit contains a large amount of water to hydrate.