Netflix has been blessing us with great jaw-dropping shows for so many years. To pay tribute to 2019 and everything it has given us, here are 8 of the best Netflix originals of last year.

“You” is one of the best, most twisted shows of 2019. Netflix gave us a very obsessive/murderous character and made us all fall in love with him. We even root for him!

For those who haven’t watched the show yet, it’s about a stalker and murderer who will do anything for the girl he falls in love with. Yes, including murder.

The Messiah
Netflix’s controversial masterpiece “The Messiah” left us all in awe after an incredible first season. The story is about a CIA officer investigating a charismatic character to figure out whether he’s a genuinely divine being or a dangerous fraud.

The Witcher
Netflix blessed us yet again with an incredible show, based on a very famous novel and a beloved video game that topped all expectations. The screenplay was phenomenal and, let’s face it, it gave us some major Game of Thrones vibes in the best way possible.

The Crown
The crown season 3 may have been in a different time era, but the Netflix show managed to be a hit yet another time. The famous drama portrays the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to modern times.

The Society
The society is a very original story about teenagers who come back to their town after a road trip and find that all the adults are gone.
It’s very thrilling, mysterious, and every episode makes us hungry for more.

Russian Doll
Russian doll is a great comedy/mystery about a woman who is stuck on a loop of her dying in a party and then waking up again unharmed only to live the same night over and over. Join her to solve her mystery in a very humorous way.

Black Mirror
Black Mirror is by far one of the most controversial and mind-blowing shows of our generation. With each season comes a great cast and even compelling stories. Five seasons of diving deep inside the mysterious world of technology, and we love it!

Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes
Hours of unreleased footage of serial killer Ted Bundy and his terrible and mysterious case blew our minds with tons of brand-new information about his life and murders. It is genuinely chilling, but we can’t stop watching.