You might currently have a partner who is an amazing sex partner, but we’re willing to bet the sex will be even better if you introduce a vibrator into the mix. If your year is starting out with solo play, it’s time to make best friends with some amazing vibrators that will keep you happy and healthy in the year ahead. Sure, hands work, but vibrators work better.

There are all kinds of vibrators now, not just the run of the mill “massagers” that deliver a gentle buzz and pretend like they’re for your sore “muscles.” Many of them are very travel-friendly and come with a mode to keep the buzz low enough so your roommates won’t wonder whose phone keeps buzzing at night.

Whether you’re new to the game or looking to explore your body a bit better, these vibrators come (no pun intended, we swear) highly recommended from reviewers who got intimate and were happy enough to share the newfound joy in their life.

1. Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace

Price: $69

This vibrator looks absolutely beautiful. Yes, you actually wear it like a necklace (just make sure to clean it well). Not only is it sleek and modern, it absolutely delivers some powerful vibes. One reviewer mentions, “I was NOT expecting this little thing to be as insanely powerful as it is. For such a compact vibe, it embodies the phrase “packs a punch”. The first setting is already powerful enough, the second and third settings are basically turbo and mach 5. I definitely recommend it if you’re a power queen.”

2. Paloqueth Rabbit Vibrator

Price: $25.99

The classic, as made popular by “Sex and the City” works by stimulating the clitoris with the rabbit ears while the vibrator can work in the vagina. A happy customer gave it glowing reviews for its waterproof quality as well, “I didn’t think I was going to use the different speeds but they are actually really fun to use when you watch to switch things up or make “fun time” last longer. I call this toy 2-in-1 because its basically a dildo and vibrator all in one. I love that it don’t even need to do much work when using this. I think the best thing about this toy is that it is completely waterproof. I used it in the shower today and i’m gonna try using it in the bath next! :)”

3. SVAKOM Echo Violet

Price: $34.99

It’s sleek, functions as a great massager and it’s designed to act like a tongue would. One thing to note, this is a great toy if you’re flying solo, “The contour makes it such that you’re holding the part with the buttons a centimeter or so from your pubic bone rather than curving it totally against your body. This makes for pretty comfortable solo use. I think it would be good for rear-entry couples play, but may get in the way of most positions if you’re facing your partner.”

4. Paloqueth G Spot Finger Vibrator

Price: $21.69

That elusive G-spot is no match for this vibrator designed to fit on a finger. It’s curved to reach the pleasure point quicker, especially paired with the 9 vibration settings. One reviewer says, “This toy is small but it is STRONG. For solo play, it’s fantastic. It consistently produces clitoral orgasms and, with a little lube, is fun to finger yourself with. The vibrator has 9 speeds/modes, 3 steady and 6 varied, so you should find something that works for you. This vibrator is completely waterproof, so you can take into your shower or bath. It’s also fairly quiet for a sex toy, great for if you live with others.

For partner play, the toy also come with a remote control for a more exciting experience (the remote is not waterproof, unlike the vibrator). Now, I have not yet had the opportunity to use with a partner, but I bet that I’ll enjoy it quite a bit.”