Heavy-Hitting Past VMA Looks From The MTV Vault

Here are the looks we can't forget from our the most daring celebrity award show.

The VMAs are our favorite awards show, simply because it always looks like the celebs’ favorite. You can’t pull off purple hair to the Oscars, but something about MTV makes celebs want to show a little more personality (maybe it’s that whole “ratings” thing.) Whatever the reason, the late-August award show is known for daring style that becomes iconic. As we prepare for Miley Cyrus to host the show this Sunday, we revisited some of our favorite looks from over the years – and those we just couldn’t look away from.

1Lil Kim, 1999

2Destiny’s Child, 2001

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Ah, the matching outfit Destiny days. Depending on your thoughts on fringe and the type of jewelry you buy at the New Mexico airport, this could top a best- or worst-dressed list. Either way, we haven’t forgotten it since 2001 (Sorry B!).

3Lady Marmalade, 2001

4Christina Aguilera, 2002

5Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey, 2003

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Just imagine: This pantsuit is probably displayed at a Hard Rock Cafe in Florida somewhere.

6Lindsay Lohan, 2005

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Ten years ago, the VMAs were held in Miami Beach and LiLo captured some of that pre-Great Recession devil-may-care attitude with a swept bang, hoop earrings and a lace bra peeking out of her leopard print dress.

7Rihanna, 2007

8Nicki Minaj, 2011

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Nicki broke into some small child’s closet and turned it into a red carpet outfit. Don’t you almost miss the days when she dressed like this?

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9Lady Gaga, 2013

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Lady Gaga broke out her usual wigs and even some facepaint in her opening performance at the 2013 VMAs, but something about this Prabal Gurung felt like the exact right mix of formal and vampishly on-brand for her arrival gown.

10Jennifer Lopez, 2014

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There’s a special room in heaven that’s simply looking at J. Lo’s awards show dresses on a loop. This Charbel Zoe dress is pure Jenny magic.

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