Jennifer Lopez is seriously a woman who can do it all. Between singing, acting, and raising her adorable family- what is there that JLo can’t do? She has a bangin’ body, an incredible husband, and is overall super successful, to top it off.

Well, the success doesn’t always come easily. In a recent YouTube video from Vanity Fair, we learned everything that JLo does in a day (so if we do the same things, will we magically turn into her?!).

The video gives the inside scoop into what a typical day looks like for Jennifer Lopez when she was getting ready to shoot for her new movie, Hustlers. Getting ready for the movie, both physically and mentally, certainly wasn’t an easy task- even for the woman who can seemingly do it all.

A typical day in her life at this time included intense hair and makeup and lots of pole dance training, a crucial part in the Hustlers movie. In addition to that, she also has two kids to take care of- twins Max and Emme. And not to mention her baseball famous fiancé, Alex Rodriguez.

When you’re doing a movie, it pretty much consumes your life,” she said in the video. “You get just a few hours to yourself to rejuvenate and sleep, and try to be your best the next day.”

If watching all that JLo does in a day doesn’t inspire you to get up and get productive, I’m not sure what will.