At one point, it was nearly impossible to turn on the TV without seeing the famous Wen by Chaz Dean hair care brand all over the place. It offered an all natural cleansing solution, with a Hollywood glam appeal. Who could resist? Well, now the famous beauty brand is under major scrutiny following a $26 million dollar lawsuit. Over 200 customers have joined a class action suit claiming that the cleansing conditioner led to major issues such as hair loss, scalp irritation, and balding – yes balding!

A Los Angeles federal judge just handed down a preliminary ruling which states that the settlement, worth exactly $26.25 million, has been approved. What does this mean for customers? It means that those who’ve suffered will receive up to $20,000 in individual settlements. That’s nearly six million people.


This doesn’t mean the case is over yet. A U.S. District Court Judge must pass a final ruling before the settlement is complete.

So far, Wen has released a statement letting the public know that their products are totally safe and they will continue to provide their many customers with the beauty brand’s products. Why did they decide to settle? Well according to their statement, the process of litigation costs a lot of time and money.  They say it’s just in the best interest of their business to settle out of court and move on with continuing delivering quality products.

Not only has the court had a say so, but now the Food and Drug Administration is doing their own investigation on the sulfate free hair care brand. We’ll soon see how that plays out.

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