Donald Glover, Beyoncé, and Seth Rogan all in one cast? If you’ve seen the trailers you probably know what I’m talking about: The Lion King. The Lion King live-action adaption is coming out in theaters on July 18th, and it’s all anyone can talk about. Nostalgia is on an all-time high with this remake, and every trailer makes our hearts swell.

Not only does this Lion King remake feature some of the most iconic actors and celebrities, but it includes all the classic songs we all know and love. Remakes of movies can either be hit or miss, and often if the plot is strayed too far from the original, people do not like it. However, the fact that this remake features all the classic Lion King songs brings a smile to our faces because everyone (and who hasn’t seen Lion King?) can sing along in nostalgia the entire movie.

The cast of this Lion King is putting a bit of a spin on the soundtrack as it will include a Beyoncé original. Seriously, could this movie be any more perfect? Beyoncé has a new song called “Spirit” on the soundtrack as a part of her album: The Lion King: The Gift!

Grab a box of tissues and head to your nearest movie theater on July 18th, I think this Lion King will be a tear-jerker.