Airplane attire is a heated topic. Some people think comfort on a plane is the most important thing and always go for a sweatshirt and sweatpants. Other people think of a plane ride as an opportunity to debut a cute outfit and look on point.

Now I don’t think anyone wants to board a flight in heels and a dress (there’s always that one person in the airport who’s dressed like they’re going to a gala), but sometimes it’s true that when you look good, you feel good. If you have some upcoming travel plans this summer and want to stunt in the airport, here are some ideas for airplane attire:

A graphic cropped tee & track pants
Nothing says casual and cool more than a graphic tee and track pants, right? The combo provides comfort without giving up the cost of still looking stylish.

Jeans & a sweater
Ditch the typical sweatpants-sweatshirt combo and reach for something that will still give you warmth but also make you look like you put effort into your outfit.

Monochrome outfits always look cool, even if it’s something as simple as a pair of joggers and a cropped hoodie.

Oversized jacket
An oversized jacket is a perfect touch to bring an otherwise dull outfit to the next level. You still look super cute and have your comfy clothes right underneath!

Big shirt and biker shorts
Biker shorts have been one of the biggest trends for over a year now, and in addition to being super comfortable, they also make for the perfect plane attire when paired with a cute baggy t-shirt.

Matching tracksuit
Athleisure is a popular fashion style that is perfect for the airport, and a matching tracksuit provides both comfort and style.

Comfy dress
If you’re traveling to a hot destination and you know you’ll be sweating when you get off the plane, a relaxed and comfortable dress is the perfect option.

These are just a few ideas for cute and comfortable airplane attire, so next time you board a plane, you’ll be doing it in style.

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