When it comes to The Bachelor, it seems like just about anything goes. It used to be that one of the final two contestants gets the final rose and lives happily ever after, but recently that hasn’t been quite the situation. So- we’re not really sure what to expect with the end Peter Weber’s season coming so soon.

The final two contestants on this season of The Bachelor are Hannah Ann and Madison, meaning one of the two should be walking out with a ring on their finger next week. But, since Tuesday’s emotional episode and The Women Tell All, fans have been speculating that another contestant wins Peter’s heart, after all.

And that lucky woman might just be Kelley Flanagan, who finished 5th in Peter’s season. But why are fans thinking this?

Kelley was different from the other contestants in many ways throughout the season. She was a bit on the older side of the group, seemed more mature, and, well, actually knew Peter before the season started filming. Peter and Kelly first met in a hotel lobby when Peter was going to his high school reunion, and Kelley was attending a wedding. Talk about a chance encounter!

So, Kelley had the upper hand of knowing Peter before the show- but why do fans think she actually wins? First, Kelley wasn’t at The Women Tell All episode, which was pretty shocking considering she finished 5th in the season. This could be for a lot of reasons, possibly because she and the show’s producers weren’t on the best of terms, but possibly because she actually is the one who Peter ends up with.

Not only that, but fans did some stalking and saw that Peter’s mom, dad, and brother all follow Kelley on Instagram… but none of them follow Hannah Ann or Madison. Hmmm, sounds fishy, if you’re asking me.

Will Hannah Ann or Madison be the one who stole Peter’s heart? Or will it be Kelley? Guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.