YouBeauty Q&A: Snooki Talks Style Tips & Her New Clothing Line

"You can make any outfit look good, you just have to accessorize."

In the years since “Jersey Shore” ended its run, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has found all kinds of new ways to connect with her fans. In between raising two kids with husband Jionni LaValle, the 27-year-old has released multiple books and an ever-expanding clothing line. Now, her fashion brand is growing again as she gears up to launch her newest collection, Lovanna. The reality star reconnected with YouBeauty to share details of the new line and dish out fashion tips.

YouBeauty: Tell me about this new branch of your clothing line.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi: My new line is called Lovanna, and I got the name because it’s my kids’ names combined. So, Giovanna and Lorenzo: Lovanna. So, I’m really excited to show everybody the new line, and it’s a little different than [previous collections] Snooki Love and SLNP. It’s a little bit more upscale, I mean it’s not expensive expensive, but it’s a little bit more pricey than Snooki Love. So it ranges from like $49 to $99. And, you know, it’s more like elegantwear, contemporary chic, just a little bit more dressy.

What inspired you when you were putting it together?

Well whenever I thought about having a clothing line I always wanted to have different divisions – like, I’m working on sportswear, and then I just recently added the plus-size line to my store. So I have Curve, and then I have SLNP which is kind of dressy, then I feel like I needed something more elegant and classy so that’s Lovanna.

Would you say there’s a main attitude of the line?

I feel like everything is really bold because a lot of people have different styles and I kind of want it to match everybody’s style. But, each piece really stands out on its own and everything’s bold and colorful, and there’s a lot of blacks and whites and that’s one of my favorite colors. So basically with my line I just wanted it to fit everybody’s style.

Nicole models looks from Lovanna

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If you could describe your own style in a sentence or two what would you say?

I don’t really have a style because I change so much every single day. Like, my normal style, I’m literally in workout pants and a workout top, because all I do is work out when I’m at home. I’m a stay-at-home mom so basically, that’s all I do, but when I go out, I like to be obviously a little bit more dressy. But I love my high waist jeans and a little crop top or something like that. I don’t really wear dresses anymore but my go-to outfit would probably be the high-waist jeans and a cute top.

Now that you’re a mom, is it fun to pick out clothes for your kids too?

No, it’s a pain in the ass. I mean, I don’t try and dress them up to be cute and stuff like that. They’re kids, so Lorenzo, he dresses like my husband which is basically baseball shorts and a shirt. He doesn’t get dressed up unless we’re going to a party and then I’ll put him in like a button-down. But I’m not going to spend money on kids’ clothes because they’re going to get destroyed anyway. So I basically just put them in comfy clothes, because they’re kids, they don’t want to be in jeans all day.

I’m pretty close to your height. Do you have any style tips for short girls?

Obviously it sucks trying to buy long maxi dresses and stuff like that, so I usually just cut mine. I always cut all my skirts, especially in the summer, so I always cut my skirts to make them fit and sometimes I have to hem them so they don’t get destroyed. It’s hard for us short girls, so as of right now since I just added the plus-size line I’m working on a petite line. I’m working on having a maxi dress be the right length for us shorties. Because even rompers, some of the rompers are too big in the shoulders and then you have to like add a pin or something because we’re more tiny and our torso’s smaller. So I’m really excited to try and work on a petite line.

Do you have any advice for readers who are trying to shape their own personal style and aren’t really sure what looks they like best?

I wouldn’t really worry too much about it. I feel like when people try too hard it’s just like, they get stressed out. They’re trying really hard to be stylish. Just literally wear stuff that you’re comfortable in, and you can always jazz it up with a cute heel or jewelry, even sunglasses or just the way you wear your hair, like in a cute bun. You can style it that way instead of always trying to like find the best outfit. You can make any outfit look good, you just have to accessorize.

Lovanna will be available at in December, and Lovanna’s summer collection will launch in March 2016.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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