There’s the fashion friend, the foodie friend, the wellness friend, the beauty friend, and the fitness friend. While we want to give every one of them something they love, we’re focusing on the fitness fanatics with this list.


Any hydroflask bottle is a good idea. They are very durable and easy to clean, plus they keep your water fresh. And ice stays intact in it for up to 48 hours! Ideal for sipping between workouts. The design/ color scheme will make anyone very pleased.


FitBits are the world’s hottest fitness trend. It’s a mini wrist smartphone that can also keep track of your vitals. It tracks heart rate 24/ 7, steps, distance, calories burned, hourly activity, active minutes, and floors climbed. Plus, the new generation FitBit has workouts built-in!

Yoga mat

Every fitness lover has or NEEDS a yoga mat. It’s the staple workout accessory that comes with a wide range of colors and designs. If you know someone who already has a yoga mat, getting them a brand new one to replace the old one will surely make them very happy.


Flipbelts are a great way to keep all your belongings safe around your waist without ever feeling uncomfortable. They are very durable and easily washable; that way, your fitness lover will never lose their keys or ID during their morning jog or a hike.


Music is the best accessory to go with any workout. It helps keep you positive and very motivated. These wireless Bluetooth headphones are very simple and easy to use.


We all love a good workout gear, and owning good running shoes or workout sneakers can make all the difference in the world. Get your loved ones a nice pair of Nike Revolution. They are light, durable, and extremely comfortable.

Bangle & Babe Key Holder

These cute silicone bangles from Bangle & Babe stay on your arm with keys attached to the end to ensure you never lose track of your essentials if you’re heading out for a run or to the gym. Pull it all the way up the arm for a snug fit, freeing up your hands to hold on to your phone, weights, or a water bottle and towel.

Ankle straps

Ankle straps are super useful at helping achieve a more toned body and legs. Get your favorite person a pair of ankle straps to help them tone and burn faster!

Duffel bag

Having a stylish sports duffel bag to match the cute workout outfit will make them stay motivated all year long to hit the gym.


Supplements are a great way to enhance workouts but can sometimes be expensive in the long run. Surprise them with a month’s worth of their favorite products.