8. Jeans

Here’s another weird one along the lines of using your pantyhose to get rid of deodorant marks: You can also rub your jeans on blemished clothing. Best to save that one for studier materials, like heavy wool sweaters, to avoid damaging more delicate fabrics.

9. Dryer sheets

Dryer sheets have loads of uses outside the proverbial laundromat; one slightly different way to use them with clothing is to use them to vanish white, chalky deodorant streaks.

10. The Container Store Deodorant Remover

The next time you find yourself roaming the aisles of The Container Store lost in a fantasy world in which all of your belongings are perfectly organized in Elfa shelving, be on the lookout for the chain’s version of other similar deodorant-removing sponges.

11. Hangers from the dry cleaners

The dirty secret (heh) of all those deodorant removing sponges is that they’re just foam rubber — which is the exact same stuff that dry cleaners pad hangers with to protect garments from coming in direct contact with metal wire. So you can repurpose those removable hanger liners and save yourself a few pennies along the way.

Do you have a favorite trick for removing — or better yet, preventing! — those pesky deodorant streaks? Let us know in the comments!

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