If you’re just starting a yoga practice, you might be going in with a few yoga myths. With yoga being a widespread fitness and wellness recommendation, many myths might take root as you begin your journey. We want to debunk a few of them so you can tackle the practice wholeheartedly.

Myth 1: Yoga Takes Too Much Time

As you start, you might see many yoga studios offering classes in 30, 60, and even 90-minute increments! If you’re finding the idea of 90 minutes of yoga a bit hard to squeeze into your day, you’re not alone. There are many apps out there that offer 10-20 minute increment practices you can do in the comfort of your own home. Down Dog is a favorite app that allows you to craft your own practice based on time and skill level. And it’s free!

Myth 2: You Have to Be Flexible to Do Yoga

Just like you don’t have to be fit to head to the gym, you don’t need to be flexible to go to yoga. Flexibility might help you do some poses, but practicing yoga will ultimately help your flexibility as you keep practicing.

Myth 3: Yoga Is Only About Stretching

While you may think yoga is all about stretching and movement, it’s actually more about the connection between your body and breath. Focusing on the breath allows you to have the mind-body connection that benefits your body and mind, reducing your cortisol levels and relaxing you overall.

Myth 4: You Need Expensive Tools to Do Yoga

While there are plenty of expensive mats, yoga pants, blocks and other accessories out there, you don’t need any of those to start your practice. The beauty of yoga is that you can do it absolutely free. You don’t even need to go to class to start, although you may opt for it in your journey to maximize the benefits garnered from having an instructor.