Since going to the gym is no longer an option, we’ve had to bring the gym to us. And by that, I mean at-home workouts. While it’s nice having all the equipment at the gym you wouldn’t have at home, you still can get a sweaty session in from the comfort of your house. Fitness bloggers are posting workouts you can do that require no equipment and are offering alternatives to weights, like water jugs or backpacks.

Workout studios are even offering free workouts available on their apps. Just because we’re quarantined doesn’t mean you can’t work out. Try out one of these apps for a workout you won’t even be able to tell you did in your living room:

Orange Theory Fitness

Orange Theory is a fitness studio that incorporates cardio and strength training into a coach-led workout. Fortunately, the company has created at-home workouts open to all. Available for free on the app is a new workout each day, led virtually by a coach, guaranteed to make you sweat.


The Peloton is the famous bike used in Soul Cycle classes but can also be used in a home or regular gym. But available on the Peloton app are various workouts that don’t require a bike at all. It’s now free for a 90-day trial, and you can sample live or on-demand classes for running or strength training exercises.

Nike Training Club

This app is entirely free and offers various workouts targeted for all parts of your body. The app offers everything from 15 to 45-minute workouts with varying intestines. You can choose workouts that require equipment or exercises that use your body, so there’s a workout for everyone.

CorePower Yoga

Because who doesn’t need yoga during these times? CorePower Yoga is offering free classes to everyone through their app. Don’t think of it as just yoga, though. They offer everything from more intense sculpt classes to meditation.


FitOn is always free and includes various workouts for all different skill levels. There’s everything from HIIT, to dancing, to Pilates. Not to mention, some classes are even held by celebrity coaches. So if you’re lucky, you might get to virtually workout with THE JVN.