We all love a gift that perfectly fits our personality. Nothing makes us happier than getting a practical item that we’ll enjoy. Chances are, there’s a fitness fanatic in your life. So to ensure they get a piece that brings them joy, we compiled some awesome and trendy gifts they’d want.

1Wireless headphones

Every good workout needs a banging playlist. Any sporty girl knows the importance of excellent wireless sport headphones to enjoy a great workout without having to worry about a wire getting all tangled up and messy.

Not a fan of headphones? Get her a Bluetooth portable speaker instead so she can still enjoy her favorite songs or podcasts on the go.

2Post-workout soak

This is the perfect product to have in your home if you’re a fit girl. It’s excellent after exercise or a long day. Not only does it help relieve muscle tension, but it’s also super relaxing, warming, and uplifting.

My favorite is the Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak. You can get it Nordstrom for $65. Well worth it for the incredible remedy which treats overworked, tired, and aching muscles.

3Interval timer

Don’t you hate it when you’re working out at the gym, and you completely lose count of how many reps you did? Or maybe the music was too good (thanks to those headphones you were gifted) and you just zoned out for a bit?

An interval timer is an excellent gift for any gym lover. It’s a simple timer that keeps track of your workout. You can set it to count your reps, rest intervals, etc. This little guy will be any fit girl’s best friend.

4Electrolyte tablets

This product is such a great way to replenish your electrolytes after a workout. They come in various flavors, are easy to carry around, and are cost-effective. Perfect for anyone looking for a way to hydrate through their workouts.

My favorite brand is the new NUUN sports tablet that comes in 5 different flavors, costing $21.49 for 4 tubes.

5Vitajuwel water bottle

Hands down the best water bottle on the market currently! A glass bottle with a gem packed bottom that not only looks super stylish but also makes you super hydrated. The gemstones also slightly change the taste of your water which is such a cool bonus!