We all know someone who is religious about tracking every one of their workouts on a FitBit or Apple Watch. Well, recently I became one of those people, and I have to say- it’s definitely worth it. Using a fitness tracker makes working out easier and more fun. It’s actually motivated me to work out more. If you were looking for a sign to tell you to get a fitness tracker: this is it!! Here are 6 benefits of using a fitness tracker during your workout:

You can set goals
Fitness is all about setting goals. Whether that’s reducing your mile time and increasing the amount you can lift, setting goals is important! And a fitness tracker makes it so much easier to track your progress. Wearing a watch while you workout actually enables you to see your progress, which makes achieving your goals more plausible.

It motivates you
We all wake up some days, absolutely not wanting to work out at all. And that’s okay! Rest days are essential. But sometimes all we need is a little push and motivation. And a fitness tracker does just that. Fitness trackers keep you updated on your daily movement, with calories, steps, and overall activeness. So if you see your steps are lacking one day, it will motivate you to get up and get moving.

Helps you stay connected
Fitness trackers are great because you can connect it to your phone and control music, texts, calls, etc. You can put your phone away and stay connected through your watch without the distraction of wanting to check your phone every time you get a notification.

Makes working out more convenient
The beauty of a fitness tracker is just being able to track your workout. On your watch, you can put in what type of workout you are doing (HIIT, cardio, strength training, etc.), and it times your workout from start to finish. If you need to time a particular exercise, you can do it easily on your watch. If you want to burn a certain amount of calories, you can track that on your watch. Overall, it just makes working out more convenient.

You can track your heart rate
Monitoring your heart rate is essential when you work out, so you know you aren’t pushing yourself too hard. You can know the intensity of your workout by your heart rate and ensure that your heart rate lowers when you finish exercising.

Gives you that extra push
Fitness trackers basically do all the work for you: it tells you to get moving, it tracks how many days a week you worked out, and it even tells you how much your friends are working out. And there’s no denying that when you see your friends working out, it makes you want to. Overall, fitness trackers just give you that extra push to get up off your feet and get active.