We spend the most time with ourselves. However, we often don’t know how to show the love we give others to ourselves. Loving and cherishing yourself is extremely important and will help you feel more confident and stronger.

1 Stop Criticizing Yourself
Instead of continually nitpicking everything you do, accept yourself as you are. No matter how much you are ashamed of some things you have done, accept the fact that you did the best that you could at the given time. Instead of criticizing yourself, show yourself some support.

2 Please Yourself
What was the last time you rewarded yourself for doing something right? Try to please yourself more with things that make you happy. Order your favorite takeout, buy yourself a present or a massage.

3 Have Patience
There is a learning curve for everything. This applies to learning to accept and love yourself as well. Have patience and be gentle to yourself. You will need time to adjust your attitudes, and just because you fail from time to time doesn’t mean you are a failure.

4 Treat Yourself Like Someone You Love Greatly
take notice of how you treat someone in your life you love a lot than apply the same treatment to yourself.

5 Praise Yourself
Use every opportunity to praise yourself. Recognize all the great things you have done up to this point that has led you to where you are now. Start recognizing all the small tasks you do daily and praise for every one of them.

6 Allow Yourself to Say No
You need to learn to respect your time and feelings. You don’t need to be available to others all the time. Allow yourself to say no to things you don’t feel like doing. When you show respect to yourself, others will start appreciating you more too.

7 Love Yourself at the Present Moment
Don’t postpone the love until you reach a particular goal. The love you show to yourself shouldn’t be linked to any of your goals or aspirations. Don’t wait to love yourself when you lose some weight, get a new job, or earn more. Start loving yourself now and accept yourself for who you are at the present moment. Not for who you might be in the future.