Metamorphosis The claim “You will transform your body, defy your genetics and create the body you never thought possible.”The gist Identify your shape from four options based on how different women gain and store weight. Then, over nine DVDs, Tracy Anderson leads you through equipment-free cardio and strength exercises. Do one hour-long workout six days a week for 90 days. The extremely low-calorie diet is strict—hardly any grains or dairy—and falls very short on calcium. (SELF recommends 1,000 milligrams of calcium from foods like lowfat dairy.)$90; TracyAndersonMethod.comTester’s Take”I’ve lost 21 pounds in 90 days! I feel strong and lean, I have more energy, and I’m sleeping better. It’s a lifestyle change, but it’s entirely worth it and so much fun!” —Kristen Saladino, senior market editor★★★★★MORE FROM SELF: 3 Exclusive CrossFit WorkoutsInsanityThe claim “The hardest fitness program ever put on DVD” promises to burn up to 1,000 calories per hour for “the most insane body in 60 days.”The gist The cardio-conditioning program includes 10 DVDs of no-equipment drills. Six days a week for two months, you perform an hour or less of intense exercise. It also includes a balanced, low-glycemic meal plan.$120; BeachBody.comTester’s Take”I didn’t achieve the ripped look plastered all over the infomercial—I actually gained 4 pounds, which I hope is all muscle! (I didn’t do the diet.) But I did increase my flexibility and got more definition in my arms. I realized that my workouts are fueled by the presence of others. Watching fit people on a DVD doesn’t do it for me.” —Elisabeth Egan, contributing books editor★★★☆☆3-Minute LegsThe claim “It’s a three-minute miracle! Your jeans will be too loose within two weeks.”The gist Sit on this crazy contraption, which is meant to hold your form while you squat and lunge so you don’t put pressure on joints, and follow the three-minute DVD routine five or six days a week for four weeks. It also comes with a walking program and a 1,200- to 1,400-calorie meal plan.$114; Thane.comTester’s Take”The first time I hopped on, I really felt the burn, even though I looked silly doing the moves. But the workout became less challenging the more I did it. It’s probably better for fitness newbies, not a regular exerciser like me.” —Lindsey Benoit, senior public relations manager★★★☆☆Ab Circle ProThe claim A “treadmill for your abs!” It will help you “lose your love handles” in just two weeks, for a “rock hard body.”The gist Kneel on this machine and swivel from side to side. Follow the routine on the 30-minute DVD, or if you’re in a hurry, pop in the three-minute quickie version. It also includes a 10-day meal plan that encourages eating more often.$150; AbCirclePro.comTester’s Take”Rather than promising six-pack success in two weeks, the program should pledge a tighter tummy from all the laughing you’ll do! Fun, yes, but I felt only my obliques working.” —Jaclyn Emerick, editorial assistant★★☆☆☆10-Minute TrainerThe claim Clock all of your cardio and strength training in only 10 minutes a day for “amazing results in record time.”The gist Tony Horton, the guru behind celeb favorite P90X, created this intense workout. Do at least one of the five 10-minute DVDs daily for a month. You get a mix of cardio drills, such as side shuffling, a resistance band for sculpting moves and a meal plan of 10-minute dishes (a low 1,200 calories—self suggests a minimum of 1,400 for weight loss).$80; BeachBody.comTester’s Take”I lost a few pounds and an inch off my waist in a month, even though I didn’t do the diet. The DVDs are so speedy, I could do two a day, and I have the defined arms to prove it.” —Marissa Stephenson, fitness editor★★★★☆MORE FROM SELF: Find the Right Workout For YOU with SELF’s Workout FinderPT 24/7The claim “You get double the workout in half the time,” for results “in only seven days.”The gist He’s back! Our former Tae Bo crush, Billy Blanks, guides you through 30-minute workouts on seven DVDs. Tackle cardio and strength at once with boxing gloves and a resistance band that attaches to hands and feet. Do DVDs five days a week for a month. You also get a meal plan high in fiber and lean protein.$90; BillyBlanksPT247.comTester’s Take”I saw changes in my arms after two weeks (not one). They’re more toned but not scarily so. You do a new DVD every day, so it’s almost impossible to get bored.” —Carin Gorrell, nutrition director★★★★☆Bender BallThe claim “The Bender Ball gives you a workout that’s up to 408 percent more effective than ordinary crunches!”The gist Position the inflatable 8-inch ball under your lower back, and follow the DVD’s 15-minute medley of souped-up tummy toners. Use it on your lower body, too: A butt and thigh routine is included. There’s a low-calorie meal plan online, but it falls short of healthy fats (which you need to absorb certain vitamins).$13; BenderBall.comTester’s Take”I didn’t end up with a super sculpted stomach, but I feel stronger in my core. Because the workout is only 15 minutes, it’s easy to do every day. And the ball is portable. I even brought it on a cruise!” —Hadley Garrettson, art assistant★★★★☆MORE FROM SELF: The Easiest Way To Shrink? SELF’s Diet Tapper!