Who hasn’t admired the strength, elegance and enviable posture of ballerinas?Professional ballerina Mary Helen Bowers created her Ballet Beautiful fitness method to help women sculpt their muscles, burn fat, increase flexibility and become all-around graceful, lovely creatures—no dance background required.Now, you can do it, too. Five lucky winners will win six weeks of fitness training with Ballet Beautiful, Bowers’ challenging workout that can whip your body into long, lean shape.(Ever hear of “Black Swan?” Yeah—Bowers turned Natalie Portman into a prima ballerina for the role.)The secret behind her method is to target key “ballet muscles” through low-impact activity. Think graceful leg lifts, ab twists, plies, arm work and stretches.Bowers’ new “Ballet Beautiful” book (just launched!) spells it all out. We recommend her book not only for the easy-to-follow, illustrated exercise plan, but also for Bowers’ extensive explanation about how to get into the right mindset for changing your body. As she aptly puts it, “It’s a process that requires that you be truly honest with yourself about your strengths as well as your vulnerabilities.” Her healthy-eating program rounds out this comprehensive get-fit guide (and we love the chapter title: “Dieting is a Waste of Time”).Doesn’t all of that sound inspiring? Don’t you want to have a beautiful ballet body? We thought so!Enter to win six weeks of fitness training with Mary Helen Bowers and Ballet Beautiful!Five people will win the following:

  • Six weeks of access to the Ballet Beautiful live-streaming online classes, including one YouBeauty private class. You can access these classes from the comfort of your own home!
  • A variety of Ballet Beautiful online videos to help target your trouble spots.
  • “Ballet Beautiful Total Body Workout” at-home DVD—an exclusive sneak peek! This DVD won’t be available for purchase until September.
  • The new “Ballet Beautiful” book.

In order to participate, you must commit to the following:

  • A live-streaming, online class (done from anywhere you have a computer) on July 17, 2012 at 7 p.m. ET (the kickoff class!).
  • Starting the week of July 16, 2012, a minimum of three hours of exercise a week for six weeks: You can join live-streaming classes, do the at-home DVD or online videos, or follow the plan in the book. (Or a combo of all four!)

Here’s how you enter:

  • E-mail [email protected] explaining why you should be chosen to win, including what your goals are and what you think you’ll get out of the program.
  • Explain to us your current fitness situation: Has it been ages since you’ve exercised and you need a jumpstart? Are you a fitness lover looking to shake up your routine? Or are you looking for an inspiring workout? Tell us your tale.
  • Do you have any injuries or concerns with exercising, or any health issues, and are you looking to improve those areas?
  • Include your mailing address and phone number.
  • Along with your entry e-mail, include a current full-body photo of yourself (in any attire).

You have until midnight on Friday, June 22 to enter. See official rules here. Good luck!THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED.MORE: The Best Barre and Ballet-Inspired Fitness Classes