Best Jean Pockets For Your Butt Shape

If there’s one thing that’s worse than shopping for swimsuits, it’s shopping for jeans. And the area that seems to cause the most despair? You guessed it: the derriere. To help ease your pain, we’ve rounded up the best jeans for your butt. Flat, wide, small or saggy, it’s all about strategic pocket placement and knowing when to embellish and when to keep things simple.

Now, who’s ready to hit the stores? It’s time to learn to dig your denim.

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1If your butt is flat… pick flap pockets

Hudson Jeans
Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Flat-bottomed girls, look for styles with flap pockets and added detailing to pump up some much-needed volume, suggests YouBeauty style expert Jacqui Stafford, author of “The Wow Factor: Insider Style Secrets for Every Body and Every Budget.”

Hudson Signature Boot-Cut Jeans, $198,

Or for a more affordable option, try Silver Jeans Suki Flap Pocket Bootcut Jean, $39.97,

2If your butt is flat… embellish

Miss Me Jeans
Courtesy of Macy’s

“Look for pockets that are placed high on the butt, because they give a more rounded look,” Stafford advises. “Embroidery, contrast stitching and other embellishments also give the illusion of a curvier bottom.”

Miss Me Faded Stud Skinny Jeans, $100, Macy’s

3If your butt is wide… go for mid-size pockets

Courtesy of Anthropologie

“The number one mistake women with wide butts make is thinking pockets will make their butts look bigger, when actually, it’s the opposite,” Stafford says. “The secret to making the butt look smaller is finding jeans with mid-size pockets, placed centrally. It creates an optical illusion because it’s breaking up that expanse of the wide butt.”

Anthropologie Flare Jeans, $196.00, Anthropologie

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4If your butt is wide… keep it simple

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

“Stay away from flap pockets or embroidery,” Stafford notes. “You want to keep things as plain as possible. Also, go for darker washes, with no whiskering or fading.”

J Brand Jeans Maria High-Rise Super-Skinny Jeans, After Dark, $188, Neiman Marcus

Or for a more affordable option, try Moto Black Joni Jeans, $65, TopShop

5If your butt is small… find a flap pocket

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Stafford says women with small butts are wise to choose jeans with flap pockets that are embellished with stitching, buttons or other prominent details.

True Religion Halle Skinny Jeans W/ Button Flaps, $188, Neiman Marcus

Or for a more affordable option, try Silver Jeans Suki Slim-Fit Bootcut Jeans, Blue Wash, $88, Macy’s

6If your butt is small… choose jewel-encrusted pockets

Courtesy of Macy’s

Give your caboose some extra oomph by drawing attention to it with jewel-encrusted back flap pockets.

Miss Me Embellished Bootcut Jeans, Dark Blue Wash, $99.50, Macy’s

7If your butt is saggy… skip the boyfriend jeans

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Is your rump in need of a lift? “Don’t go for a boyfriend jean—that’s the worst style if you have a saggy butt,” says Stafford. “You want to look for tighter-fitting jeans.”

Hudson Krista Skinny Ankle Jeans, Revelations, $209, Neiman Marcus

Or for a more affordable option, try BDG Twig High-Rise Jean, $58, Urban Outfitters

8If your butt is saggy… avoid long pockets

Courtesy of Free People

When you want curves, not sags, opt for jeans with pockets placed high on the seat. Make sure the bottom of your pockets never hit lower than the top of your leg, Stafford adds.

Seamed Moto Skinny, $128, Free People