Beyonce’s Style Evolution

The former Destiny’s Child singer’s star has risen to the point where she’s known by just one name. (Her last name is Knowles, for those that can remember.) Here’s a glimpse back at her most iconic looks.


At the 58th Annual Golden Globes in 2001, then known as a member of Destiny’s Child, Beyonce was rocking—for better or worse—a coveted style at the time: seriously curly to the point of crimped waves. It’s not terrible, but some volume at the roots would keep her curls from looking matronly.

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Later that year, at the MTV Movie Awards, she debuted what would come to be her signature leggy look. But buyer beware: When you’re going for this look, the key is proportions. According to stylist Sam Saboura, for triangle shaped bodies like Bey’s, creating balance for your shape is all about filling out your upper half, so it’s risky to draw too much attention downtown.

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Remember her star take as Foxxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers’ hilarious movie Goldmember? It takes some real confidence to wear hair this big in the real world, but of course B has that in spades. Notice here how she’s learning to work with her body shape. The wide V neckline balances out her bottom half.


We love this relatively demure moment on Beyonce because her natural gorgeousness really shines through. Lashes, like the crazy long falsies she’s sporting here, accentuate the eyes and make them appear even larger—a proven sign of youth and femininity.

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At the CFDA Fashion Awards, she looks extremely radiant in a canary yellow gown. While it’s a notoriously tricky color, “Wearing yellow creates a very open atmosphere with people,” says “How Do I Look?” host Jeannie Mai. “It’s an inviting color.” We love the way the sunny color pops against her dark, golden-toned skin.

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Displaying her palest hair hue yet at the Grammys, we think it’s safe to say this is not her natural hair color. (Maybe she read the study that found that blondes have higher salaries and richer husbands. Mission accomplished.) We think the color is a touch too light, but we’ll let it slide since having blonde hair is a strong (and unusual) contrast against brown eyes and really makes them stand out.

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At the Alexander McQueen Costume Institute Gala, Bey made headlines when it was reported that her dress was so tight, handlers had to carry her down a flight of stairs. Worth it? The dress finagles her into a classic hourglass, the most historically attractive and feminine shape.

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When the newly pregnant Beyonce appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards sporting the tiniest of baby bumps, everyone went nuts. Dark-skinned women can pull off bright colors, and that’s why we love that she chose vivid orange here. Her two-toned hair? Not so much. It would look better if the light parts were at the bottom, which mimics how the sun naturally fades color.


Another one of the few pregnancy shots of Beyonce shows she wasn’t in hiding for appearances sakes, she just likes her privacy. She kills it in the celeb maternity chic realm with this elegant but easy-looking black number, which is simultaneously slimming yet subtly accentuates her belly. See how the gold panels on the side give her the illusion of a waist, even when in reality it’s hiding under a baby?

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Most recently at the BET Awards, she’s back in yellow, but this time, her leggy ensemble is a little racier. With her perfectly proportioned waist-to-hip ratio—here accentuated with a metallic belt—the new mother is sending a message of fertility and attractiveness out to the universe.

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