A lucky few, 128 men to be exact, were picked to participate in a study at the University Of Wroclaw, in which they were forced to ogle ta-tas from not one, not two, but three different angles!Not a bad way to do your part for science, ey, gentlemen?And while a not-so-sneaky peak at our cleavage might induce an eye roll from the average woman, the findings could prove even more disheartening for women with cup sizes C and up.According to the study, men attracted to busty babes were romantic rolling stones whose relationships were mostly short lived. On the other hand, men who preferred a perfectly petite pair tended to be the kind that liked to settle down in committed relationships.QUIZ: What’s Your Unique Body Shape?Clearly those commitment types know what requirements are really important for a woman to fill and it’s not a bra!Although, perhaps that’s a little altruistic because as the researchers explained, “As predicted, [playboys] generally gave higher ratings than did [serial monogamist types], but the significance was only at larger breast sizes.” Adding, “We also found that medium to large sizes were rated as the most attractive by both male groups.”The researchers didn’t seem surprised by their data and we doubt anyone who has ever dined at Hooters would either. But here’s some good news—unless you’re Lindsay Lohan. That side boob trend that was trying to happen in fashion, well, that view rated the lowest with men. Seems guys prefer the full 3D effect in the depth of an oblique view.Despite the findings, Viren Swami, Ph.D., YouBeauty Attraction Expert, whose research was cited in the study, reassures us there’s no need to get too caught up in our cup size because, “When men judge the attractiveness of a woman, the most important criteria are facial features; after this comes overall body size, and only after this do other features like breast size, leg length, etc. come into play. Sure, some men may emphasize breasts more than others, but generally speaking it doesn’t influence attractiveness judgments in the same way that, say, facial features do.”So, ladies, there’s even more reason to say to a guy staring at your boobs, “My eyes are up here!”In related news, find out which physical feature men notice first.