In Touch Weekly’s editors Photoshopped Kardashian ex-patriarch Bruce Jenner wearing lipstick, blush and women’s clothes on the cover of their latest issue, entitld “My Life As A Woman.” The reason? A source “close to” Jenner who is quoted saying he plans to transition his sexual identity from male to female.

In an article with the all-caps headline “BRUCE JENNER’S TRANSFORMATION: HOW DOES HE PLAN ON COMING OUT AS A WOMAN?”, the unnamed “insider” claims the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star/former Olympic athlete plans to come out as a transwoman sometime in 2015.

Buzzfeed writes that the lipstick, scarf, and clothes Jenner wears on the cover were transposed from British actress Stephanie Beacham. InTouch released the cover on their Facebook to over a thousand comments, largely in outrage. “Leave him alone. This is cruel and all involved in making this should be extremely ashamed of yourselves. Disgusting,” wrote one commenter. Added another, more to the point: “Your paper is a piece of shit. As the Washington Post reports, Jenner has been the subject of gossip since growing out his hair long, and even more so following the announcement of separation and divorce by him and Kris Jenner. Yet while gossip mags clamor for attention, transgender youth are fighting for their lives — literally. Leelah Alcorn, a transgender teen who committed suicide last month after not being accepted by her conservative Christian family, has drawn attention to the scorn against transgender folks. (Here’s a great writeup from NPR about how few understand the problems, abuse, and scrutiny that trans people face daily.)

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