With ads and photos online and in magazines constantly being Photoshopped to perfection, it’s hard not to get down on yourself and start picking apart your own inadequacies. After all, there seem to be models out there who have superhuman skin and flawless figures. But a new video points out that even people who get paid for their good looks have imperfections — and feel insecure about them, too.

In the video, an ad for D.EFECT clothing, 12 models open up about their own self-image hangups, Cosmopolitan reports. Answers run the gamut from a rogue face wrinkle to uneven shoulders to large hands. One woman says she’s been called “giraffe”; another, “bunny” because of the gap in her front teeth. “I don’t like my eyes,” “My nose is so big,” and “I have a boyish figure,” are a few more of the nitpicky critiques the models have about their bodies.

The video starts off with this text, which aims to make us think twice about the so-called perfection we perceive in others:

“Today will be the same as yesterday. Ads, media, movies, or even your friends will broadcast beauty. Most of it will be a better version of a person: enhanced, photoshopped, beautified. And this obsession with perfect looks will make you feel hopelessly insecure and miserable.”

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Sometimes we may look at models and see them as the reason we feel less worthy; but the same women we deem as “perfect,” wouldn’t say that about themselves. This ad makes a powerful point that it’s impossible for anyone to be perfect — and each of our imperfections makes us unique and beautiful.  Which is why we love how the video wraps up: “Write this down: You are beautiful, because you are imperfect.”

Watch the full ad below:

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